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Address: 30081 Crown Valley Parkway Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
Phone: 949-495-4901
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Car Wash Hours:
8AM - 6PM (MON - SAT)
8AM - 5PM (SUN)

Fall / Winter Carwash Hours:
8AM - 5PM (MON - SUN)

Gas & Convenience Store:
7 Days a Week 6AM - 10PM

Phone: 949-495-4901

Fax: 949-363-0417

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Our wash solutions are the most advanced cleaning and conditioning formulas on the market today. They are safe for all types of finishes and are designed to clean, shine and leave a protection barrier on your vehicles finish.

It is more efficient and environmentally friendly to wash your car with us than it is to wash it at home in the driveway. Washing your car at home can waste up to 120 gallons of water in only 10 minutes and the soap, oil and grease will go directly into the storm drain that empties into our local ocean. Our system recycles our water and uses far less, operates with optimal water pressure, and our wash solutions are environmentally safe and certified “Green”.

Here are some facts regarding your clear coat on the vehicle. The clear coat on the newer vehicles today is actually paint without the color added. It is a very thin layer on top of the color painted layer and this helps to protect from sun fading and the punishment from the environment. But this clear coat absolutely needs treatment to keep it protected from the elements and to continue the shine of the finish. Although the clear coat is a “protectant” it is thin and certain elements and light scratching will dull and damage this top coat. Should bird droppings or bugs get on the finish try and wash them off immediately or as soon as possible. The acid in the insects and droppings will heat up from the sun and actually penetrate the thin clear coat and leave a stain or impression that at times will not polish out. Light abrasions or scratches from parking lots and garages will leave a mark very easily and will be seen. Most light scratches can be color sanded and/or polished in our detail department. If you are not sure if your clear coat needs a detail service ask our advisors or managers for a quick evaluation.

Although rare, during warm sunny days if the windshield on your vehicle is pitted or has rock damage the glass mar crack during the wash process. This is caused by cool water coming in contact with the hot glass. Once the windshield is pitted by rocks and debris from the road it becomes weakened. If you have any questions or need windshield repair ask our service advisors or managers for assistance.

We are the 1st certified "GREEN" CAR WASH in Laguna Niguel
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